“Telescopic Pole (Walkerball-Red)”, 2010 by Chadwick Rantanen. Anodized sandblasted aluminium, walkerballs.

“Fernwirkung”, 2010 by Alicja Kwade. Parsol bronze, brass, copper, branch.

»Angle«, 2008 by Darri Lorenzen. A pole hung at an angle slowly rotates in the middle of a space. During a one-minute sequence, bright lights directed at the pole gradually fade out, pause, and fade back in. As the space becomes darker, the pole glows.


“Gloria series (half mast)”, 2007 by Alexandre da Cunha.

pareto2a Kopie.jpg

»Attempts to apply Pareto principle«, 2007 and

tyc4.jpg tyc3.jpg

»Here and Elsewhere«, 2008. Stripper pole coated with a description of a striptease scene encoded in Braille alphabet. By Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova.