The Battle of Orgreave“, 2001 by Jeremy Deller. A large scale performance re-enacting a confrontation between the police and striking miners from the 1984–5 miners strike. Video.


“Ai Weiwei with rockstar Zuoxiao Zuzhou in the elevator when taken in custody by the police, Sichuan, China, August 2009”, 2009 by Ai Weiwei.

»THE CHASE«, 2008 by Collectif-Fact.


Foriginal Media Hack No 1” and “Foriginal Media Hack No 2” by Ubermorgen.com.


»Untitled«, 2007 (wall-painting),


»Somebody Else ‘s Car«, 2005 by Ahmet Öğüt. Ögüt transforms two found cars using readymade paper cut outs without requesting the owners’ permission.


“5 Dogs – Schagen” from the series “Living Sculpture”.


“Police Cars – Adelaide” (A police car temporarily placed on every floor of a multi storey car park. To reduce crime.) By Harmen de Hoop.


»Koban« (documentation of Japanese police boxes) by Adrien Missika & Louis-Cyprien Rials.


»How To Respond In An Emergency«, 2006 by Diane Borsato. A 12-hour performance for the all-night public art festival Nuit Blanche in Toronto. For 12-hours, dancers dressed as Toronto Police officers, were seen dancing an intimate tango to music that blasted from parked cars. Video.


»Something relatively expensive that will depreciate in value to $100 by the year 2008«, 2006


»A attempt to selflessly eradicate one’s individual identity«, 2006 by Jon Sasaki.


»Eyeballing«, 2005 by Rosalind Nashashibi. Video excerpt.


“The Kiss”, 2006 by Dan Colen.


Portraits of Francis Bacon, Romy Schneider and Jonny Depp; part of the series “Phantom 00″ by Sonja Feldmeier. “Phantom 00″ resulted from the collaboration of various people of different age, different background, cultural and social affiliation. Looked for were fans which, from their imagination, described the face of their idol. As original material served a digital photo archives which the Criminal Investigation Department uses to produce composite sketches.


Video “Hit Machine” by Lukas Beyeler.


»Models, a collection of 132 German police uniforms and how they should be worn« by Erik Kessels shown at the exhibition »Loving your pictures« at the Centraal Museum Utrecht.


»Useful Photography #002« shows a collection of anonymous ebay photography collected and edited by Hans Aarsman, Claudie de Cleen, Julian Germain, Erik Kessels and Hans van der Meer.


In »Cop Talk« (2005/2006), representatives from national police forces are invited to give presentations at art academies in Europe, illustrating the opportunities within such a career and encouraging students to join up. For a country to have an effective police force, its constituent employees should reflect the demographics of its society. It is perhaps inevitable that members of arts communities are under-represented in the nations policing and this presentation is an attempt to address this situation and to begin to reverse this bias. Project initiated by Chris Evans.


In the video Poli IV, Yosuha Okón asks a Mexico City policeman to demonstrate his ability with the baton.


All Employees is a project for which Yosuha Okón went to all the “Carl’s Jr” (a chain of fast food restaurants) in Los Angeles and shot brief videos of each one of the employees presenting him/herself behind the counter. The final result is a video in which, one by one, all the employees get layered one on top of the other until many levels get constructed creating an abstract mass.


Sudden Death is a set of five photographs taken at a gated community in the middle of the tropical forests of Oaxaca. Tomasa, a Chatina healer, poses as if she were playing paddle-tennis amongst the contrasting greenery of the foreign tennis courts and the local vegetation.


Photographs by retired Swiss police officer Arnold Odermatt. More on Odermatt.