“Voyage of the Beagle”, 2007 by Rachel Harrison. 57 pigmented inkjet prints.


“Venice Beach 09-20-03” by Beat Streuli. Video excerpt.

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»Serafim«, 2004 (Ssawino-Storozhewskij Konvent, orphanage), »Corridor #1«, 2003 (boarding school of State Academy of Choreography at Bolshoi Theatre), »Philip«, 2003 ( Boarding school”Landschulheim am Solling” in Holzminden) and »#6«, 2002 (Frauenaufnahmeheim, Essen) from the series »Islanders« by Anastasia Khoroshilova.


»Security« by Melanie Manchot.


13 rokakko (Japanese battle dragons) featuring portraits of 13 European leaders of right wing parties, being held by performers wearing parliamentary clothing. Performed at Heldenplatz in Vienna, where Hitler held his very first speech. The following leaders were portrayed in 2000: Christopher Blocher, Istvan Csurka, Gianfranco Fini, Gerhard Frey, Mogens Glistrup, Carl I. Hagen, Jörg Haider, Frank Van Hecke, Alexander Lebed, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Miroslav Sládek, Jân Slota and Cornelius Vadim Tudor. Project realised by Anne-Britt Rage in collaboration with Heribert Schiedel.

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»Bodybuilders« by Richard Renaldi.


»Tokyo Arcade Warriors – Shibuya« is part of an ongoing series of videoportraits of players of video and computer games. It was shot in three different Public Gaming Arcades near Shinjuku/Tokyo. The faces of the players are the only visible evidence of the game being played. Their facial reactions are synced with the sounds emerging from the game consoles.


The film »Brilliant City« was shot from the 34th floor of a residential complex in Shanghai. The film reacts to a particular visual paradigm, which is well known from strategy and simulation computer games (Sim City, The Sims) as the so called God View.It is the distanced perspective usually taken on by city planners, game players or politicians. Both projects by Axel Stockburger.