»Dedicated to the Unknown Artists«, 1972-76 by Susan Hiller.

»All sunset postcards available in Hawaii«, 2011 by Adrien Missika.

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»Salutations de l’utopie féministe«, 1996 by Sue Bustin.

» Crème de la Crème«, 2008 by Fatmir Mustafa.

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For her project »Postcards«, 2007, Katerina Drzkova systematically collected postcards from the 1960s to the 1980s. They are never identical. The pair »Tropical Beach« differs in several details and a time shift of a few minutes is apparent. Different photographers are named at the back, a different place and time of posting, the addressee is the same.


»Refugees«, 2007. Documentary photographs of refugees digitally manipulated and colored. The refugees appear in new spaces constructed according to their wishes. By Katerina Drzkova.


»Time Piece« (2002). Postcards representing the time in which the photographs were taken in chronological order. By Jonathan Monk.

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»What is Gillian Wearing?« (2005)


»The Postman’s Decision Is Final« (2006) is a small performance using the postal system. Two postcards are stuck together so that only the address sides are showing. Each side is stamped and addressed to two different people, then posted. Somewhere along the line a decision is made as to which person receives the card. By Dan Rees.


»Picture Postcard Posted from Post Box Pictured« signed by Jonathan Monk, sent to Toronto from Berlin, sent to your personal address from Toronto.

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“Ruurlo, Bocurloscheweg, 1910″ by David Claerbout. The video is based on a postcard of Ruurlo from the year 1910.