“Untitled (Poster Paintings)”, 2008 by Klara Lidén. Found poster, blank poster paper, glue.

“Post Anti-Bell Study II (Rosie)”, 2011 by Ruth Ewan.

»Billboard 01«, 1991 by Gerwald Rockenschaub. Rockenschaub based his work on the modular system used by the poster company gewista, whereby each large-format poster is made up of 8–72 standard format sheets. He had these sheets printed in monochrome in seven industrial norm colours from which he made forty colourful combinations which could be independently selected on the spot by whoever was putting up the poster.

“Untitled (Designs for Colby Poster Company)”, 2007 by Peter Coffin.

“Depth Mapping (The Mountain)”, 2011 by Kate Steciw.


»Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit«, 1992 by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.


»Nations«, 2007, posters by Slavs&Tatars.


»Peace, Love and Empathy«, 2009, scratched signed Nirvana poster by Graham Dolphin.

“Das Lachende Bild 1/2 (The Laughing Picture 1/2),” 2005 and

“The Poster Book Bookshelf,” 2006 by Henning Bohl.

“Tbilisi Table (Poster based on “Lamiera” pattern designed by Ettore Sottsass)”, 2006 by Justin Beal.

»stain #1«, 2009,

»Grace«, 2009 by Luke Barber-Smith.

»Direktor Pudel«, 1998-2006 by Christian Jankowski.

»Poster Sale«, 2006 by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle.

»After Van Gogh«, 2008 by Bill Sullivan.

»Untitled (Wall Installation)«, 2008 by Richard Healy.

»Rastavljena«, 1981/82–2007 by Sanja Iveković.

Film poster for “On Otto”, 2007 by Tobias Rehberger. Video. Instead of starting with a script, the work of this movie was started with the movie poster.

»/ \« by Damon Zucconi.

»Matt Damon (Near Mint)«, 2007 by Christian Andersson.

»Sugar Water«, 2007 by Eric Baudelaire.

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