»Norwegian Waterfall Powering Chinese Waterfall«, 2010 by Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas.

CTM vital psigns pos.jpg CTM vital psigns neg.jpg

»Vital Psigns« is a social experiment that seeks to address individual mind power and the potential for human/plant communication. By the Center for Tactical Magic.


»Trial of Judas With Constant Reference to Dorothy Retallack«, 2007, tomato plants exposed to the infamous judas priest record, played backwards and forwards. By Tony Romano.

judasreverse.jpg judasnormal.jpg

Reverse play and normal play (3 weeks later).


Framing Leaders” by Shahee Ilyas. “Framing Leaders” is a website consisting of algorithmically generated framed pictures of Heads of Governments based on their length in power, latest Press Freedom Index (RSF) and Corruption Perceptions Index (TI) for the country. Leaders are all about borders, power, constrains which the algorithm translates to ornaments, proportions, matting and darkness.

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During July 2006 the office of the exhibition space Casco was partially powered by energy generated by the daily spinning classes of a local fitness club. From the ongoing “The Power & Illumination Project” by Annika Lundgren. “The Power & Illumination Project” is based on the idea of using fitness-centers as sources of energy. The kinetic energy being generated here is converted to electrical energy, and is used to produce and mediate knowledge regarding the global energy balance and it’s political consequences.


»Bitches Brew«, 2006, 13 minute video sampled from mostly male directed movies from the 60ies to today, the video shows women who take back control and power, fight off their attackers or take revenge on their assailants. By Heidrun Holzfeind.


“Crema” – Nezaket Ekici turns fluidly cream to butter. Duration of the performance: 20 min.


“Traps” and


“Distribution Power” by Sigismond Vajay.

potrc objekti.jpg

Power Tools by Marjetica Potrc.