»Tennis«, 2007. Price of performance: from 170 €, price of photograph: 5.000 €.


»Working on a farm«, 2007. Price of performance: from 200 €, price of photograph: 5.000 €.


»Weekend at the Ritz«, 2007. Price of performance: from 2.300 €, price of photograph: 5.000 €. All photos from the series »Buy Your Own Art Experience«, 2007, by Sebastjan Leban & Staš Kleindienst.


From the series “Myspace” by Job Janssen.


“Inventory” by Carey Young. The artist was weighed on June 27 2007, the date on which this art work was commissioned. In consultation with two scientists, Dr. John Emsley (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Ilya Eigenbrot (Imperial College London), calculations were made as to the mass and current market value of each chemical element present in the artist’s body at the time of weighing. The total market value of these elements (expressed as a graphic on the wall) plus a print of the calculation data constitute the form of this piece. The calculated market value also represents the initial sale price of this piece.


»We All Can Dress As Europeans«, 2007, installation with 27 sweaters representing the 27 member states of the European Union. The price of an individual sweater is determined by the GDP of each member state. Price tag ranges from the most expensive Luxembourg, 384 €, to the cheapest Bulgaria sweater for 51 €. By Jure Purgaj.

9.gif  25.gif

“Price On Request” – The installation employs a cardboard adhesive-band copy of the well-known art fair stands structures. These cloisonne modules are in general made of wood and steel and can be found in almost every kind of fair. By Art Basel Geneva (Cris Faria and Lukas Mettler).


»Necklace« by Ted Noten. The price of the necklace changes every day depending on the price of gold, lowest price being € 1600,00 and the highest € 2511,00.


»Selfportrait #6« (50 colour photographs, produced by different photographic labs the world over) from 2002.


»Holiday Painting No 88« (Tenerife) from 1992. The price of the painting is identical to the price of the budget travel package.


»My Name Written in My Piss« from 1994. All three projects by Jonathan Monk.