“The Demonstrators (Hanging Receiver)”, 2012 by Nina Beier. Chair, poster, glue.

»Besuche«, 2005,

»Besuche«, 2005,

»Besuche«, 2005 by Lisa Holzer.

“o.T.”, 2010 by Benjamin Hirte.

“Endymion’s Journey”, 2011 by Amalia Pica. Digital print on canvas.

“Untitled (Jokepainting)”, 2006 by Karl Holmqvist.

»Cigarette Ends Here«, 2011 by Marlie Mul.

“Lage, Ort, Position”, 2011 by Sonia Leimer. Photography by Cem Yücetas.

“Random Moments in Simultaneous Encounters (3 panels)”, 2000/2001 by Stephen Willats. Photographic prints, photographic dye, acrylic paint, letraset text and ink on card.

“Untitled”, 2009 by Rolf Nowotny. Images of ventriloquist dummy heads’ mechanisms printed on creative paper (Papiér du Monde).

»Corporate Video Decisions Double Canvas: Stepping Up«, 2011 by Simon Denny.

“Shake it loose and let it fall”, 2011 by Emily Wardill. Inkjet print on silk sheet, veneer covered MDF.

»Plan with Cicles 2 Colored«, 2008 by Herwig Weiser.

»Large Fish Eat Small Fish«, 1556 by Pieter Bruegel.

»Roba Vecchia«, 2007 by Lara Baladi.

“untitled”, 2011 by Stephan Backes.

»Hot Desk«, 2011 by Lorenzo Bernet.

»Untitled Books«, 2010 by Joshua Petherick.

»untitled (rice blotters)«, 2011 by Aude Pariset. Inkjet prints on springrolls rice paper.

»disOrient«, 2008 by Raqs Media Collective.

“Untitled (Designs for Colby Poster Company)”, 2007 by Peter Coffin.

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