“All My Things /black/”, 2004 from the series “See Through” by Helga Steppan.

“The Blue Project – Seunghuyk and His Blue Things”, 2007 from “The Pink & Blue Project”, 2005-ongoing by Jeong Mee Yoon.


“Park View Hotel” by Ashok Sukumaran. Using specially-built pointing devices, audiences in the park can access interior hotel spaces, by “pinging” them optically. Once found and hit (two different modes on the scope) the interiors release their properties into a wireless network… the color of the interior propagates stochastically, leaking out of the building skin, jumping across the street, and entering some street-lights in the park below.




 ”Old good times”. The buildings shown are an abandoned textile factory complex, in which the chimney was re-activated for the period of one day.


“Privatised”. Works by Leopold Kessler.

elstol001 copy.jpg

»Electrical Chair«. Replica of an electrical chair, scale 01:01, made out of some 13000 Lego bits.

clothes001 copy.jpg

»All My Clothes«. By Bjorn Perborg.


Krasińskiego 10/154 (from the series “Plan”) by Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga.