»The Commons«, 2011 by Paul Ramírez Jonas.

»Revolutionen des Alltäglichen«, 2009 by Martin Soto Climent.


»Density Drawings«, multiple moments photographed during the making of a drawing, by Katja Mater.

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»Untitled (Reference Library)«, 2010 by Lance Wakeling. The artist uses an internet-based trophy-making service to create trophies, one for each book he read in 2010.

Picture 19

»Devil’s Fountain«, 1997, flattened paper tube from heroin smoking, by Stephen Shanabrook.


»Tennesse Wiggler the Big Fat Worm aka le lombric cosmique«, 2009 by Klat.

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»ECHOES, Wall of Ice«, 2007 (documentation of 1 and 3 weeks after the opening) by Troels Sandegård.

“Extended Mirror”, 2008 by Troels Sandegård.

Win-win“, 2002 by Carey Young. Negotiation skills course, staff of the Kunstverein München, verbal interactions, ink on paper.

»Photomat«, 2003 by Oz Malul.

Film poster for “On Otto”, 2007 by Tobias Rehberger. Video. Instead of starting with a script, the work of this movie was started with the movie poster.

»Birdshit«, 2007 by Dan Colen.

“Thinking about Movie-Making”, 1998-2008 by Siegfried Fruhauf.

“Nomad of the Steppers Fluorescent Light and Hot Water” (detail), 2007 by Patrick Jackson.

»Data Diaries«, 2003 by Cory Arcangel.


»www.justanotherpainting.com« (2007) documents the outsourced production of a painting based on a collection of found jpgs.


»Logo Contest« (2006). Logo competition initiated at designcontest.net, awarding logos for artists names.


»Courir les rues« (2006). By Gwenaël Bélanger.


»The Public Library of American Public Library Deaccession« is a collaborative project between artists Julia Weist and Maayan Pearl. Over a two year period, the process of deaccession (withdrawing or discarding books from a collection) was researched and documented. During a period of cross-country travel, public libraries serving the cities with the highest literacy rate for each US state were visited and their de-acquisition processes recorded.


»Future Shock« Randal Szott/LeisureArts.

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“Processual Minimalism” – a colony of forest ants constructing a hill. By Klaus Mosettig.

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