»thenewscent.com« by Jason Evans.

»Einfühlung«, (2005-2006) by Adrien Missika.


»Temporary Allegiance«.

45_capriitaly2 Kopie.jpg

»google earth/google images« is an ongoing project by Chris Lee.


»Logo Contest« (2006). Logo competition initiated at designcontest.net, awarding logos for artists names.


»Courir les rues« (2006). By Gwenaël Bélanger.


»The Danville Community Encyclopedia« is an audio/visual encyclopedia containing knowledge of Danville, Illinois residents. The content was generated through inviting people to share their knowledge with the artist, and recording their conversations. The word-for-word transcriptions of their contributions of knowledge on a wide variety of topics is what forms the text of the encyclopedia. In addition, many participants chose to create drawings to go with their entry. A hardbound copy along with a listening station, is permanently installed in the Danville Public Library. By Anna Callahan.


»The Public Library of American Public Library Deaccession« is a collaborative project between artists Julia Weist and Maayan Pearl. Over a two year period, the process of deaccession (withdrawing or discarding books from a collection) was researched and documented. During a period of cross-country travel, public libraries serving the cities with the highest literacy rate for each US state were visited and their de-acquisition processes recorded.


»Die Offene Bibliothek/The Open Public Library«, 1991 by Clegg & Guttmann.


»Berlin – Paris – Berlin (Travel Agency)« from 1997 is based on the sale of travels as art objects (with lower tax than in normal travel agencies), made possible by selling the travels together with certificates. By Jens Haaning.


In »Cop Talk« (2005/2006), representatives from national police forces are invited to give presentations at art academies in Europe, illustrating the opportunities within such a career and encouraging students to join up. For a country to have an effective police force, its constituent employees should reflect the demographics of its society. It is perhaps inevitable that members of arts communities are under-represented in the nations policing and this presentation is an attempt to address this situation and to begin to reverse this bias. Project initiated by Chris Evans.