Czechoslovak Radio, 1968, by Tamás St. Turba.

»La société du spectacle brickbat«, 2006 by Claire Fontaine.

»Molotov Cocktail«, 2007 (Glass bottle gilded in platinum and gold, cork, silk, filled with Revolution! fragrance) by Lisa Kirk.

»Removing Mountains« by Daniel Shea.

»Across the Universe 2000«, 2005 by Natalie Czech.

»Zero Demo«, 1980 by Endre Tót.

»State Britain«, 2006 by Mark Wallinger.

»Demonstration«, 2003, a mass demonstration lasting 2 hours with approximately 30 people demonstrating “nothing”. By Kelly Mark.

»Demonstration 5«, 2007 by Jacob Dahlgren.

»Throw Down«, 2007 by Josey Hale.

»NO TO BAD THINGS« by Mathew Sawyer.

“Quick Standards”, 2006 (set of 4 emergency blanket taped on wooden sticks) by Gabriel Kuri.

»Thrown Voices (Corporate)«, 2007 by Scott Nobles.

»twenty vague picket signs« by Alexandr Skarlinski.

»Anarchitekton (Osaka)«, 2004,

»Arabian Stars«, 2005 by Jordi Colomer.

»On the Question of the Political Exhibition«, 2005 by Dmitry Vilensky (Still from Protest Match video, 2006).


»Pain of the world«, 2006 by Li Wei.

rentstrike_w3 copy.jpg



»Raft of the Medusa«, 2007 by the bruce high quality foundation.


»URL demo«, 2008 by Jodi.


Foriginal Media Hack No 1” and “Foriginal Media Hack No 2” by Ubermorgen.com.

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