»Crystal Brass Knuckle (I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****)«, 2009 by Debra Baxter.


»Punch Printers« is installed at BueroFriedrich in Berlin, which is situated in the arches of a bridge, supporting a series of train rails leading into the city. This set of printers takes the vibration of the trains as an input source, each interpreting the behaviour slightly differently resulting in various punch patterns. The punches are created by a solenoid with a sharp pin, controlled via a stamp producing various speeds of punch. In sound, this results in odd phasing and circulatory motions within the space. By James Beckett.

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“Untitled” (ice cream taster spoons), “Untitled” (Hawaiian punch diluted with varying ammounts of water) and “Untitled” (shopping carts) by Milton F. Stevenson V.