Lorna Mills asks Jennifer McMackon 10 questions:

#1 – Have you ever been to the site, VVORK?
#2 – What do you think is going on there?
#3 – How do you think the creators of that site find that range of work?
#4 – What happens to a piece of art when it is extracted from the context of an artists’ full body of work?
#5 – Who are the artists who you know of through only one work?
#6 – What’s the effect of seeing clusters of different artists from all over the world “mining similar territory”?
#7 – What’s the effect of seeing an ever growing archive of contemporary art works without an accompanying layer of critical text?
#8 – If VVORK posts several images daily for the next 10 years, do you still think that certain types of work will never be visible on that site?
#9 – Without a statement of curatorial intent, does selection (inclusion and exclusion) imply a value judgement? Does it have to?
#10 – Why do you think VVORK does it?