Self-portrait with the Prosecutor Jeffrey Nice, 2003 and Self-portrait in White Shirt, 2002. During two years, Ivan Grubanov was frequently part of the severely limited audience in the trial to Slobodan Milosevic at the International Tribunal in The Hague.


Visitor series, 2002-3. Although he did not have the required authorization, he was successful evading surveillance cameras and other security measures as to make over two hundred drawings of the hearings, accompanied with short phrases that he wrote down, taken from the oral proceedings.


The exhibition Das grosse Stilleben (The Big Still Life) by Klaus Littmann features a department store in Mugron in southern France that has survived largely intact some 30 years after it was closed. »Das grosse Stilleben« is authentic to the minutest detail. Only a few perishable goods were newly added; everything else originates from the department store in Mugron. Here, the installation heeds the words of Andy Warhol, who remarked in 1985: »Lock up a department store today, open the door after a hundred years and you will have a Museum of Modern Art.«