By Lee Lozano, September 25, 1968.

»Plaster Saint«, 2009 by Victor Boullet.

“Extension of Human Sight”, 2007–2008 by Andreas Zingerle.

“My collar is clean, my underwear too…”, 2008, A0 posterstack. By Claire Fontaine.


“O-Ton”, 2002 by Christoph Priglinger. Quotations of soccer-players mown into artificial lawn.

Candice Breitz3_Foto Roland Horn.JPG Candice Breitz1_Foto Roland Horn.JPG

For the exhibition Rohkunstbau, Candice Breitz has created an installation of ten mirrors inscribed with well known quotes from song lyrics dealing with love and suffering.

simulating gravity2.jpg

“Simulating Gravity” by Jesper Carlsen. Reanimated scene from the film “Space Odyssey 2001″. Video.


“Luke, I’m your father” – modified Citroén HY. By Nick Bötticher.


Self-portrait with the Prosecutor Jeffrey Nice, 2003 and Self-portrait in White Shirt, 2002. During two years, Ivan Grubanov was frequently part of the severely limited audience in the trial to Slobodan Milosevic at the International Tribunal in The Hague.


Visitor series, 2002-3. Although he did not have the required authorization, he was successful evading surveillance cameras and other security measures as to make over two hundred drawings of the hearings, accompanied with short phrases that he wrote down, taken from the oral proceedings.


Quotes of Malcolm McLaren by Vanskap.