Silent Barrage“, 2008-2009 by Philip Gamblen, Guy Ben-Ary, Peter Gee, Nathan Scott and Brett Murray in collaboration with Steve Potter, Douglas Swehla and Stephen Bobic.

“Fair-weather forces (water level)”, 2008 by Germaine Koh.
Stainless steel stanchions and electronic and mechanical systems with velvet ropes moving up and down in relation to water level, which are transmitted over the internet from an ultrasonic sensor installed at a nearby body of water.

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»Intervention 7« (2007) by William Lamson.

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rectangle (2008) by Constant Dullaart.


Alarmdance” by Daniel Eatock.


Tomo Savic Gecan


“Resonating-With-Light” (Video) by Edo Paulus is an installation that consists of multiple small electronic units in a natural environment with sunlight. Each unit collects solar energy and transforms this energy into a repetitive bouncing of itself onto a metal tube, thus creating a kinetic and acoustic reaction to sunlight.


“Scrollbars” (Video) by Edo Paulus and Jan Robert Leegte.


Proben A-K. Over a few week period of exploring the supermarkets, analysing their structure and positioning of products, Jochen Schmith staged falls on the so called hot spots. Those are often marked by the product towers and are also there to leade the streams of shoppers into the right direction. The reaction of the customers led to the creation of so called “chaoscommunities”, which were right away occupyed by trying to restore the order.