“8 lights, 8 speakers”, 2009 by Achim Wollscheid.

2.4_interference_interaction” by Michelle Teran.


“Battlefield #29/Welcome”, 2007


“Battlefield #37/Focus”, 2008. Living sculpture, 20 persons as viewer/audience stand up from 12-20h. The real viewer join the group and belong to the sculpture.


“Real time keyword”, 2007. A LED screen prompting text generated by the Lycos Voyeur site that is able to display, in real time, all the keywords typed by people searching the web through Lycos search engine. Projects by Jérôme Leuba.


»Hottest To Coldest«, 2008, is a website that continuously arranges a list of all the worlds national capitals according to their current air temperature.
By Aleksandra Domanovic.


Fascinum” (2001) by Christophe Bruno. “Fascinum” shows the news pictures that are the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time.


“Reflecting on capture” by Anna Wignell. The medium is reduced to its constituents, to parameters like updating frequency, resolution, format. The incoming camera images obtained in the gallery itself are being processed in real-time. By being produced by three spotlights projecting red, green and blue light, equivalent to the colour system RGB, the images are being reduced to a single colour, constituting a single medium of the original complexity. The existing audio is being captured by microphones. The captured sounds most dominant frequency range is discerned and played back as sinusiodal tones. The real tone and amplitude is being reproduced synchronizing with the shift of the image.