»Walls of Progress: Materiales de Construccion«, 2011 by Ximena Garrido Lecca.

Interview with Piero Golia, using questions taken from a 1974 interview with Bruce Nauman (the year of Golia’s birth).


“Reconstruction of the oldest piece on earth” and photography of the oldest piece on earth (Text on photo: Oldest piece on earth/approx. 80 million years/No Photos/National Maritime Museum Greenwich. GB). By Mahony.

eraser5.jpg hard.jpg

“Hard to explain” by Émilie Pitoiset.


“New Order” by Jerszy Seymour.


Video “Rapidmemory” by Henny van Nistelrooy. The video shows a complete representation of the artists old bedroom in scale. Again completely made with memory as a guide. Sometimes very accurate and sometimes less precise.

fischermaroan.jpg  fischermaroan1.jpg

“Dance-floor memories” turning object, mixed media, 4 m diameter. On the basis of memories Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani reconstructed the dance floor of a former youth venue of the Palast der Republik, Berlin Mitte. This reconstruction preceded a number of interviews with previous visitors of this youth club whose memories were all different.

sculptureGOUGH1.jpg sculptureGOUGH2.jpg goughormond_European_Vacation.jpg

“Untitled” and “Untitled” by Stewart Gough, “European Vacation” by Stewart Gough in collaboration with Tom Ormond.

dheedene 1.jpg

Stefaan Dheedene bought a piece of furniture from the Billy series at Ikea. The day before the exhibition opening, Dheedene took Billy back to Ikea. He received the money he invested back. In the time before the opening the artist hired a carpenter who reconstructed the mass-produced Billy as a unique work of art. Using a slightly different wood, Dheedene’s Billy was born – almost the same as Ikea’s mass-produced version sold all over the world, but unique.


»Jordache ¾ Sleeve Snap Front Woven Shirt (Express Blue)« from 2003-4 by Zoë Sheehan Saldaña. Originally purchased on July 16, 2003 for $11.43 from the Wal-Mart store in Berlin, Vermont. The clothing was duplicated by hand, matching pattern, fabric and embellishments. The tags from the original item were sewn into the duplicate. The duplicate was returned to the rack in Wal-Mart for potential sale at $11.43.


“Unité d’accueil”, “Sous-marin”,

kb_gd.jpg  Sophie Dejode & Bertrand Lacombe.jpg

“Kippen’s Burger” and “Robot force” (video of the production) by Sophie Dejode & Bertrand Lacombe.


»The constellation of candles in the field corresponding to the constellation of the stars in the sky«, 2004 by IRWIN, is a photo reconstruction of the group OHO action »The constellation of candles in the field corresponding to the constellation of the stars in the sky« from 1970.

drugi projekti.jpg

Other reproductions of OHO actions by IRWIN.


»IRWIN with Marina Abramovic.« A collective of five Slovene artists IRWIN, was founded 1983 and since has been a dynamic force in contemporary Eastern European art. They describe their own work as retro-avant garde and are emphatic about their work being collective rather than individual. The group also co-founded the wider cultural collective Neue Slowenische Kunst.

StrachanWater2 copy.jpg

Natural Body Water. Throughout the year 2002–2003 Tavares Strachan collected all of his urine, distilled it, purified it, and bottled it for consumption. The custom bottle label includes all nutritional information.


Survival Kit, Multiple (Edition of 35). This kit consists of hand blown glass elements, metal instruments, and instructions for turning one’s own urine into purified drinking water.


The Problem of One Thing Existing Simultaneously. For this work Strachan duplicated an arbitrarily broken beer bottle piece-by-piece, transforming bits of trash into remnants of displaced matter and time. He used a found broken Budweiser beer bottle as a template to laser cut a duplicate broken bottle piece which rest side by side with the original.