Installation “Reuters News Centre”, 1987 by Jasper Morrison.

“Crane”, 2010 by Hilary Lloyd. JVC LCD 42” monitor, Western Digital HD media player, Unicol twin column mount.


“Birds of Pray”, 2010 by Haroon Mirza.


“Vows (Goldman, Emma. “Marriage and Love.” New York: Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1910.)”, 2006 by Andrea Bowers. Vows is a two channel video installation using Emma Goldman’s essay “Marriage and Love”, a text which analyzes how the social institution of marriage is an oppressive institution of capitalism and oppositional to love. A single bride reading sections of the Goldman text is projected on each screen. In the installation the two women face each other and appear to be listening and responding, as though reciting marriage vows.


»IS THAT A CASTLE OVER THERE?«, 2010, collage by Hydrothermal Emerald.


“Pedestrian cinema”, 2008 by Bernadette Corporation. 3 flat screen monitors, found image, dvd player.


“Constellation”, 2006 by Chu Yun.

“Kaiser TV”, 2008 by Fernando Bryce. Bronze (Kaiser Wilhelm II – bust), books, monitoring camera, screen, vitrine.

“Deep Sea Vaudeo”, 2009 by Simon Denny.

Performance “TV-Duet”, 2007 by Ignas Krunglevicius. Video. Each note in a music-score corresponds to one picture on the TV screen.

Drawings from the series “Correspondence: From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe“, 2007-08 (324 letterheads reproduced in pencil) and

“Gates of Wisdom” and “Examine the Evidence” from “AMIGA COMPUTER WORK“, 1991-1992 by Suzanne Treister.

»Sunrise«, 2009 by Jordan Rhoat.

»Obelisk«, 2009 and

»Diagonal of Personal Ecstasy«, 2009 by Ben Schumacher.

»Four Screens as Dialogue (pioneering, devotional, familiar, invasive)«, 2008 by Emily Roysdon.

“Arbeit an Bildern/Bodybuilding”, 1994/1997 by Frank Fietzek.

»Western Negative«, 2007 (Still image burned into screen of monitor) by Tom Dale.

“The Analog Color Field Computer”, 2006 by Gregory Shakar.

“Wissengewächs”, 2007 by Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer. Sensors measure the passerby’s presence and movements. A growth software relates these movements to the growth of artificial plants on the screens.

SKIF++” is a collaboration of Jeff Carey, Robert van Heumen and Bas van Koolwijk.


Installation view of “Passé Immédiat”, 2007 by Christian Philipp Müller. About 600 outdated computers, monitors, keyboards, printers… (partly running).

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