“Glasses”, 2004 by Finnbogi Petursson.


“Interactive Infrasonic Installation”, 2007-2008 by Reinhard Gupfinger combines a 250-inch long organ pipe, a wind generator and a video-tracking interface for multi-user interaction. Pace and direction of the movements of users create a variable subsonic environment.

“Aero Torrents”, 2007 by Voldemars Johansons.


Sound installation “Raplapla” by Lynn Pook. Fourteen loudspeakers are positioned in a hammock, touching different parts of the extended body. In this way, the vibrations from the loudspeakers become manifest and the sounds are carried, via the bones, to the inner ear.


»Morphotransformations«, 2006 and

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»Optoshaker«, 2006, examines the technical process of image-presentation of thermionic monitors by making the skull vibrate, and thus the eye of the observer. Through interferences between the frequency of the monitor‘s image structure and the vibrations of the eye the presented freeze image changes. By Daniel Hafner.


“Broadway” is a five-channel sound installation comprising the columns that run through the gallery space and the entire building. The five columns, transmitting subtle vibrations generated by movement on the street and subway below, are transformed into loudspeakers, each of which plays out the sounds of Broadway in its individual resonant frequency. By Jacob Kirkegaard.


»Punch Printers« is installed at BueroFriedrich in Berlin, which is situated in the arches of a bridge, supporting a series of train rails leading into the city. This set of printers takes the vibration of the trains as an input source, each interpreting the behaviour slightly differently resulting in various punch patterns. The punches are created by a solenoid with a sharp pin, controlled via a stamp producing various speeds of punch. In sound, this results in odd phasing and circulatory motions within the space. By James Beckett.


“Now, with 10x more wire” (Video) by Douglas Irving Repetto in collaboration with Kyle Lapidus and Tali Hinkis.


“ElectroViaGram” by Nonconform, is an invitation to visitors to participate in the exhibition, in fact, to create it. “ElectroViaGram” is a machine for the production of exhibits which depends on visitors as a driving force. By passing light barriers the visitors activate loudspeakers which set the drawing area in vibrations.


»Lignes d’air« is an urban furniture installation by Dominique Leroy that captures vibrations while creating new acustic habitats.


Have a look at Paul DeMarinis’ works such as Firebirds. DeMarinis uses a scientific experiment from the Victorian era, in which Chichester Bell discovered that a membrane stretched over a gas flame produces audible vibrations in the flame, resulting in a kind of “flame loudspeaker”.