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»The Real Thing – online exhibition«, 27.02. – 22.03. 2009, MU Eindhoven.

The Real Thing curated by Vvork.

February 27th to March 22nd at MU Eindhoven.

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“Speaker’s Corner” – Various rhetorical proffessionals reading the artist’s script for a speech at the opening of the Busan Biennale. By Yang Haegue.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Yang Haegue, and I would like to welcome you warmly to our Busan Biennale. Sometimes we have an impression that an art exhibition might become a presentation of ability, overflowing with mannerism. Sometimes I ask to myself whether nowadays art is nothing but a rich menu of visual experiences like a sports festival advocating the slogan „higher, faster, and farther“, or whether the artist is no more than a modernist-progressive who does his best to present only something good in the name of ‘artistic creation’. So, here in front of you, I would like to share my opinions and feelings about my creative activities and life that I can express as a young artist. The reason why I insist on doing this in this place is that the form of the exhibition seems to have been unable to represent life and everydayness veraciously and actively, though they are inseparable from the artist’s creation and always function as an mirror to reflect the life of his own as well. Be them positive or negative, be them beautiful or heartbreaking, the emotions and impressions that I have got in my everyday life have been the fundamental source of my work and provided motifs and contents to it. The indigent, necessitous life brings forth a content related to destitute and poverty, and the days with strong experiences and impressions about the people and events around me produce more appealing works. Of course, like those of other ordinary people, my personal daily lives are mainly composed of simple observations and experiences, far from a succession of great marvelous ones. Everything, however, that I receive from people as well as my surroundings constitutes the basis of my art. Here, one might ask where the exclusive realm peculiar to art is, and where the true creativity of the artist is located. I think that the answer depends on how we define what the finished work is. Unfortunately, the practical problems and worries many artists share with one another everyday are left behind the curtains by the cause of ‘artistic creation’. Similarly, big or small ideas emerging from seemingly unartistic reflections and anguishes are just looked upon as mere informal episodes. These stories and scenes ‘behind the curtains’ have held my interest and affection. And here, I cannot help asking a question in return whether it is a too narrow definition of art if it assimilates all of them only from the plastic point of view. I feel the necessity of artistic attempts and experiments to enlarge the realm of art and to generate new experiences and reflections in everyday life. (….) Today, I could have made a lengthy speech again under the pretext of ‘art’, taking a great deal of your time. One of you might wonder where, then, my work is at all. I am afraid that I cannot but return disappointment mingled with a slight sense of betrayal or dubiety to you, rather than show some original imaginations and ideas resulting form a certain gift, or a novel spectacle. But it is the privilege in the name of art that gave me today’s opportunity. This Speaker’s Corner owed its existence to it. So, I would like to ascribe your unsatisfied expectations and my emotions of gratitude toward who I do not know only exclusively to art. Thank you for listening to me today.”


13 rokakko (Japanese battle dragons) featuring portraits of 13 European leaders of right wing parties, being held by performers wearing parliamentary clothing. Performed at Heldenplatz in Vienna, where Hitler held his very first speech. The following leaders were portrayed in 2000: Christopher Blocher, Istvan Csurka, Gianfranco Fini, Gerhard Frey, Mogens Glistrup, Carl I. Hagen, Jörg Haider, Frank Van Hecke, Alexander Lebed, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Miroslav Sládek, Jân Slota and Cornelius Vadim Tudor. Project realised by Anne-Britt Rage in collaboration with Heribert Schiedel.


A fast rotatign LCD-monitor generates three dimensional phantom images which can be observed from all sides, without the aid of special glasses or the like. The image shown is a simple vector movie based on the novel »Flatlands« by E. A. Abbot, in which a square living in a two dimensional world receives a visit from a ball. This Spatial Vision Device is called »Hanoscop« in tribute to an inventor, Mr. Hanisch, who patented a machine based on similar principles in 1966


»The Flying Carpet« is a hovercraft powered by a leafblower.


The propeller of a marine outboard engine has been replaced by wheels, which make the »Independent Trailer« an autonomous vehicle.


»Spleen« is a freeze-frame explosion, an autopsy on motor and chassis that encapsulates the utopian fantasy of the overhauled scooter, driving off into the sunset.


»Das Schaukelhaus«.


A »Bonanzarad« has this name only in German speaking Europe. Teenagers, who invented it in the 60s in Long Beach and built it out of junk, never had the intention of constructing something faster or better than existing bikes, rather it was a pre-teen, Pop era status symbol. The many details and saddle seat evoked the feeling of riding a horse or an Easy Rider motorcycle. A playing card mounted in the wheel spokes created a motor-like noise, just as here, the chainsaw is used constructively. Through an alteration to the chain on the rear wheel, the vision is obtained, and the Wannabe‘s dream is realized…


By pedaling, electricity is generated that powers the motor for an electric wheelchair, that makes the »Healed Home Exercise Bike« move. The tachometer indicates the phantom-speed.


By controlling the suction of 35 burning cigarettes the »Cigarette Display« device can display simple graphics, letters and symbols. All projects by David Moises.


»The Real Thing« is an installation to filter Coca-Cola into clean drinking water. By Helmut Smits from 2006.


»Quarter Pipe« from 2005. Materials: wood, mirror, vinyl. Also by Helmut Smits.


»LP Bike« from 1999 plays a record attached to the front wheel. The cycling speed influences the sound. Another project by Helmut Smits.