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“Thermosphere”, 2012 by Nick Relph.

“Untitled (Green climbing holds)”, 2012 by Oliver Payne. Climbing holds, canvas.

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Aleksandra, Christoph, Georg and Oliver

12. 12. 2012

»Versions«, 2012 by Oliver Laric.

»Bye Bye Butterfly« by Pauline Oliveros.

»Hologram/Chippendale«, 2010/2011 by Oliver Laric.

»Versions«, 2010 by Oliver Laric.


“Rolly”, 2008 by Oliver Payne & Nick Relph.

»AFK Sculpture Park (Away From Keyboard)«, 18.9. – 26. 9. 2009, with Aleksandra Domanović, Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, Joel Holmberg, Oliver Laric, Billy Rennekamp and Rafael Rozendaal at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin. Curated by Daniel Keller & Nik Kosmas.

»Versions«, 2009 by Oliver Laric.

»Flags«, 2008 by Oliver Musovik.

“Untitled (record)”, 2008 by Oliver Sutherland. Single pressing dubplate.

“Wubbo Music”, 2007 by Oliver Payne & Nick Relph. De-tuned wind chimes.

“Platoon / Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada”, 2007 by Gareth Long. Video. An intervention into the English subtitles of Oliver Stone’s Platoon. The regular subtitles have been replaced with text from Mark Satin’s 1968 underground besteller Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada. The manual – a how-to for draft dodgers – sold over 65,000 copies by mail from Toronto and inspired many copies and knock-offs.


(>’.')>=O____l_*__O=<('.'<), (2008)


↓ ↑, (2008) by Oliver Laric.


»Songs Translated To Buildings« (2008) by Oliver Laric.


»Webchat with Andy« (2007) by Oliver Laric shows an interview with Andy Warhol, contacted through a psychic with mediumistic abilities via webchat.

utopia1.jpg utopia.jpg

The Making of Utopia” video installation portrays four utopian communities in Australia: Bodhi Farm, Dharmananda, Equilibrium and Moora Moora. The video bases to narratives written collectively by community members. By Tellervo Kalleinen Oliver and Kochta-Kalleinen.


“New Discoveries” by Oliver Kochta.

ball1.gif el1.gif exp1.gif

»System Displacement«, 2007 (Pixels rearranged from lightest to darkest) by Oliver Laric.